Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why I Love 24

24 is a show that survives on the short attention span of the viewer. The audience must never stop to think about all the crazy shit that happens in a twenty-four hour period. Let's recap:

Jack is interrogated by a Senate sub-committee;

Domestic terrorists steal a device that allows them to hack anything (don't ask);

The terrorists actually work for a genocidal African government that wants to prevent a U.S. humanitarian intervention into their country;

They almost get away with causing a chemical spill disaster at an Ohio pesticide plant;

They do get away with crashing two airliners into each other above the National Mall;

The President's husband is kidnapped and shot by the bad guys;

The U.S. invades the African country anyway;

Once Jack and co. recover the device, the evil African leader launches a raid on the White House (the WHITE HOUSE!) and smacks around the President;

All of this was apparently a diversion (invading the White House was a DIVERSION!) so that an evil security contracting firm could smuggle a biological weapon into the U.S.;

A U.S. Senator is murdered;

The security contractors threaten to launch bio-weapon missiles at U.S. cities unless the President makes them part of the national security apparatus;

Once Jack and his pal Tony foil that plot, it's reveal that the evil security firm is part of an even LARGER plot;

Tony pulls the old double-cross a steals some of the bio-weapon;

All of this has happened in less than 24 hours

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