Monday, April 27, 2009

Farewell Pontiac. You will be missed ...

by about 5 people.

My first car was a Pontiac Grand Am. I got it used, but it had only 40,000 miles on it, and it looked like it was in great shape. But it was a complete piece of shit. The onboard computer would go on the fritz, making it impossible to start the ignition. The ventilation system couldn't get air to the passenger side vents. The heater didn't work. The engine belt made weird noises. The electrical system went crazy and shorted out the radio. The driver side window fell out. The door grip, built into the door, broke off when I tried to close the driver side door.

Pontiac survived as long as it did thanks to nostalgia for the GTO and the early Trans Am. But they were a lousy company that built lousy cars and embodied every negative stereotype of American car manufacturers. I'm not going to celebrate people losing their jobs, but as for Pontiac itself, good riddance.

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