Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Heroes is back, baby!

So the whiny losers on the Internet keep bitching that Heroes is no good. WELL YOU"RE WRONG!!1 Heroes is still the best show on TV, and this episode is proof of why. It's got tons of excitement and character stuff and Sylar being totally awesome.

Nathan rescues Claire and flies away from some government guys who want to capture her. And then they go to Mexico. And then Nathan gets drunk after making a bet or something with some vacationing frat boys, um... I'm not sure why, and so Claire has to win the bet for him! And since she heals and all, she can't get drunk, so she wins! But she still takes her shirt off...Hayden Panettiere is soooo hot. But here's the weird thing. I usually ship Claire and Peter, and yeah he's her uncle and all, but they are so perfect for each other. But now I'm totally a Nathan/Claire shipper.

And speaking of Peter, he hangs out in a church with his mom! And they spend like half an hour of the show in the church, and his mom keeps going on about how sorry she feels for sucking. It's really moving and stuff.

And we get some great scenes with Sylar plotting with the evil government guys. It's exactly like every Sylar scene the show's ever had, so you know it's awesome! And he still eats brains, cuz you know...AWESOME.

Only one problem with this episode...NO HIRO-CHAN! He's the friggin heart of the show, and it just doesn't feel right without Hiro-chan giving us a Yatta! Oh well, I'm sure next episode is going to rock even harder. SUCK IT, YOU HATERS!

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