Sunday, February 22, 2009

Achievement Addiction

My functioning (for the time being) Xbox 360 turned me into an achievement junkie. I kept telling myself I didn't have a problem. But when I looked back and realized that I'd spent most of the weekend buying fake real estate in a fake universe solely to get another achievement in Fables 2, I felt dirty. I'm gonna quit now, before this thing takes over my life ... or at least until the additional content for Fallout 3 comes out. Then I can level up and get that achievement for killing all the super mutant behemoths. Just one last fix, then I'll stop. I swear.


Tron said...

Yeah right, dude. You're hooked. I see no rehabilitation possible, unless you go cold turkey when your xbox breaks (again).

Did they give you a jasper chipset?

Richard Cook said...

I have no clue what chipset I have. How would I know?