Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wrapping Things Up: Battlestar Galactica

Daybreak: Part 1

Oh flashback, how I dread thee. Every time a show has one, its invariably used to reveal the SECRET INNER SOUL of a character. As if a person can be reduced to one event that completely explains the entirety of their life. Thankfully, the BSG writers don't try to capture the eternal essence of their characters, but rather explore tiny moments of their lives that set them on the course to where they are now. Its not that the death of Rosslyn's family made her into the steely president, but now that we know that she had dealt with tragedy even prior to the destruction of the colonies, her eerie unflappability makes a lot more sense. Similarly, Baltar's emotional attachment to Caprica Six, in stark contrast to his usually self-absorbed nature, is given a decent enough explanation.

Despite all the flashbacks, a lot of stuff actually happens in the present. This episode bares the burden of setting up the series finale, so its packed full of information and character bits. But it all comes down to this: if Galactica is going to die, then it might as well die in a suicidal rescue mission to bring back Hera and kick Cavil's ass. About frackin' time.

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