Sunday, March 22, 2009

We're all gonna die because the Japanese love robots

Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak Part 2
Not perfect by any means, but I enjoyed it. In fact, it may be the best series finale I've ever seen, even if it didn't give a giant, Sorpranos-style "fuck you" to the viewers.

Spoilers ahead...

The Good:
Space battles! Robot-on-robot violence! Might as well blow the entire budget on the last episode.

Adama's plan to rescue Hera was as ridiculous and suicidal as all his other plans. Not surprisingly, it worked.

After 4 seasons, Baltar finally grew a backbone and even came to terms with his self-loathing and secret shame over his roots. His story arc with Caprica Six was resolved in a way that gave both characters as much closure as they'll ever get. As usual, James Callis and Tricia Helfer were outstanding in their roles.

Boomer's long running, oft-forgotten subplot ended in the only way it ever could, and yet the character still managed to go out with dignity.

Cavil, on the other hand, died in a completely meaningless fashion, which suits a character who ultimately believed in nothing.

Real Earth! Ron Moore and company are a bunch of lying liars, and I admit I did not see this twist coming. Linking the colonial survivors to the origins of modern humanity and (I'm assuming) our ancient pagan traditions is a much cooler idea than simply having them land in Times Square.

Furby is the seed of our own destruction!

Hoshi got to be admiral for 5 minutes. Come on, that shit is funny.

Flashback Adama threw up on himself! That's how I'll always remember him.

The Bad:
So all that shit with the opera house and the angels was just some overly-elaborate plot by God to arrange a Mexican standoff on Galactica's bridge? It's almost as if God is a hack writer on a TV series.

Apollo gives one of his big, dumb speeches and they all turn into tree-hugging hippies. The fuck? And did the survivors really have to send the ENTIRE fleet into the sun? I'm typing this blog post on a computer while sitting in an air-conditioned house. Technology rocks, and Lee Adama is full of fail.

The flashbacks became as pointless as I feared they would. I liked the flashbacks in the first part, but the longer they went on the less useful they were in examining the characters. Did we really need another story about how Lee loves Kara but their relationship will never work? 4 seasons of stating the obvious was enough.

Tyrol avenging Cally should have been dramatic, but that plot hadn't been addressed in months, and Tory was given so little character development I didn't feel much of anything when Tyrol killed her.

Rosslyn was mostly a waste of space for 2 hours, and then she died. Not exactly making good use of your most talented actress.

Angel Kara was an idiotic idea. While the show had pretty much revealed God's hand a long time ago, at least everything God did was ambiguous and open to multiple interpretations (like Head-Six being either an angel or one of Baltar's hallucinations). But turning Kara into the deus ex machina was just lazy writing and pretty much misses the whole point of faith. And her schmaltzy last scene with Apollo only made it worse.

If I never hear "All Along the Watchtower" again, I'll be a happy man.

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